2012-2013 Yearbook Covers

Previous Yearbook Covers

To pre-order a copy of the 2015-16 Cerritos Yearbook, please download the order form.

The Cerritos Yearbook is usually 100 full color pages, including formal portraits and candid activity shots from throughout the year.  If you have any questions, or would like to help, please contact our Yearbook Chair.

Be Part of Our Yearbook Team!

Every year it takes a group of dedicated parents to get our yearbook ready for print.  Take a look at these options and get involved!

Classroom Photographer

We need pictures from every event, so if you have the opprotunity to take any photos, please upload them to our Pictavo site.  Pictavo is an online tool we use to organize the pictures our parents take for use in the yearbook.
Here are a few hints for great pictures:
  • Take pictures with a camera and not your phone when possible.  Most phone pictures are too small to use at the scale and resolution we need for crisp yearbook layouts.
  • Take pictures of a variety of kids, not just your child and their best friend.  We do our best to get each child in a candid photo, so it helps when we receive a wide variety of pictures.
  • Get faces.  While it is tempting to get distance shots of activities, the kids always love to see their faces in the yearbook.  Group pictures are great, and some action shots make sense, but when acting as the photographer for an event, make sure to capture faces!
Don’t forget to upload your pictures after the event.  In general, our yearbook team will compile the images 2 weeks after the event.

Yearbook Layout Artist

If you have always wanted to work on the yearbook itself, now is your chance!  We need about 20 people each year to work on layouts and proofread.   Please contact our Yearbook Chair at