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Meet the Parents on the Executive Board



Jen Metzger   Send Email

“I see the dedication and hard work the Cerritos staff and teachers demonstrate and I feel honored I’m in a position to express appreciation for all they do.”


Vice President

Leslie Swanson Send Email

“Cerritos is a great school because of the amazing sense of “Community” and “Family” that the school reflects.  The campus is filled with a caring staff, smiling students and supportive parents that work together to make Cerritos a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone!”



Molly Wegener  Send Email

“First of all, I love that there is a trailhead 5 minutes from school (I was mountain & hike deprived in LA)! I love that Cerritos is teaching kids to be accountable for their learning.  Learning is way more effective once teachers and students both have ‘buy in’.”



Debbie True Send Email

“I love Cerritos because of the excellent academics and great people.”

 Sandy Morrison

Financial Secretary

Sandy Morrison Send Email

“I enjoy Cerritos because of how it makes me feel. I feel happy and safe knowing my child is stimulated, comfortable and cared for.”



Rachel Schurz Send Email

“We love the community feeling at Cerritos and the PTO plays an important role in that. When I realized how much students benefited from PTO, I knew getting involved was a great way for me to contribute.”



Genevieve Kennedy Send Email

“I am excited to be a part of the Cerritos PTO this year as a way to support our wonderful school, get involved with other parents in our community and to show my children that volunteering is important.  I love the leadership qualities my son has developed in just two years at the school, and having the 7 Habits become part of our home lives as well. My son will be entering 2nd grade this year and we are looking forward to another year of learning, community spirit and fun at Cerritos!”



Louise Yanock and Anne Neal Send Email

“We loved this school from the moment we stepped in the front door. We were welcomed with smiles and kindness. The teachers are exceptional!”

“Cerritos has been, and continues to be, a great school for our family. We love how involved you can be with everything that happens at our great school. I’m not only able to work with a great group of people but also contribute to valuable projects undertaken by the PTO and in turn help provide support to our school and every Cerritos family. I look forward to a fun year!”


Volunteer Coordinator

Abby Green Send Email

“This is our third year as Cerritos Roadrunners and we couldn’t be happier.  We have been so impressed with the staff and teachers and especially the leadership emphasis. The community support and parental involvement is outstanding along with the school spirit.  I look forward to serving my second year on the PTO Board.”


Development Coordinators

Amy Huffman and Carolyn Yeretzian Send Email

“I love Cerritos because everyone from the teachers to the parents to the janitors are invested in working together to enrich the lives all the students.”

“I’ve joined the PTO out of gratitude for our excellent school. It’s a way to thank and serve those who bend over backward for my kids.”