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Meet the Parents on the Executive Board



Leslie Swanson   Send Email

“Cerritos is a great school because of the amazing sense of “Community” and “Family” that the school reflects.  The campus is filled with a caring staff, smiling students and supportive parents that work together to make Cerritos a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone!”


Vice President

Elizabeth Tudor Send Email

“We love Cerritos and the community feel you get when on campus! I knew as soon as my kiddos started school there that I wanted to get involved to help support our wonderful teachers and staff. Looking forward to a fabulous 2017-2018 school year”




Molly Wegener  Send Email

“First of all, I love that there is a trailhead 5 minutes from school (I was mountain & hike deprived in LA)! I love that Cerritos is teaching kids to be accountable for their learning.  Learning is way more effective once teachers and students both have ‘buy in’.”



RaeDawn Teal Send Email

“We are new to the area and have felt very welcomed by Cerritos.  We are excited for the new experiences Kindergarten will bring and the years to come at Cerritos.”


Financial Secretary

Jaime Godinez Send Email

“I love Cerritos!  I love the teachers and staff, they always are smiling and friendly.  I love that they teach our kids to be leaders and instill confidence in them to achieve their goals.  I am proud to be a part of the PTO this year!”



Chanelle DeGraff Send Email

“Being part of a school that sees the importance of instilling leadership skills in children early in life is something I enjoy immensely. Seeing the students set goals, practice the 7 habits and model leadership on campus and in the community makes me glad to be part of the Cerritos family.”



Loretta Trynosky  Send Email

“Everyone here at Cerritos leads by their example, not just by their words.”



Erika Uram and Renee Doty Send Email

“I love the community at Cerritos as well as the Leadership Academy curriculum.  It fits our family so well!”

“It’s a community with open arms, welcoming each family that walks onto campus. I enjoy seeing wonderful teachers encourage students to set and reach their goals. I believe Cerritos is top notch!”


Volunteer Coordinator

Molly Schliem Send Email

“Looking forward to a great school year!”


Development Coordinators

Amy Huffman  Send Email

“I love Cerritos because everyone from the teachers to the parents to the janitor are invested in working together to enrich the lives all the students.”